Communication System for Ground Segment

Highlight Features

  • In transmission, the analogy RF signal is sent through the ANT1 or ANT2 ports
  • In reception, the analogy signal is received through the ANT1, ANT2 and/or ANT3 ports
  • VHF:
  • Frequency: 140 - 180 MHz
  • Maximum transmission power: 50W (47dBm)
  • UHF:
  • Frequency: 400 - 480 MHz
  • Maximum transmission power: 50W (47dBm)


The SDR-Rack is developed as a ground station transceiver for the VHF and UHF bands, as well as it integrates the SDRs and frontends necessary for communications with small satellites in these bands.

The SDR-Rack consists of two independent software defined radios: one for the bidirectional ANT1 and ANT2 ports, and the other for reception on ANT3 and transmission on the RF output port.